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Sophia Silver Larimar Necklace


Sophia Silver Larimar Necklace.  Name: Sophia siver blue stone necklace.

It is a Silver Necklace adorned with a Larimar Pendant. It suit any evening event but also look stylish and exotic. Larimar, Caribbean Blue Stone is so beautyful, specialy when use for pendant.

This Pendant Necklace is a jewel that will enhance your dress or outfit. The well polished Larimar gemstone has been selected in color and shape to be part of the dragonfly. 

It is a 

Sophia Silver Larimar Necklace

  • Piece:                           Necklace
  • Material:                    Sterling Silver – 925
  • Gemstone:                 Larimar
  • Measurements:       18″ Chain / 1.5 Cm W X 1 Cm L 
  • Weight Grams:        3.52
SKU: 30124

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