Amber Silver Bracelet


 Amber Silver Bracelet is a real amber Bracelet. Looking like a queen isn't as difficile as it seems.Bracelet designed to give to your queen, variable with all kinds of oufit, you will not have to take it off for any occasion, they are one of those jewels that go at all times and make you the perfect duo.
A youthful, innovative design that will give you that freshness that every woman should wear to radiate light and good vibes.
You will feel very comfortable taking it with you, so much so that you will not want to leave it at any time.
Take it home in just one click, without any recharging. We'll take it to you right now!
Guaranteed quality.


When you buy a piece like this you will never take out of your Jewels. it is cute, versatile, suitable to any place and any time. Amber and Silver Bracelet. A beautyful Dominican Jewelry Design.

You will love take it to you Jewelry Box.

It Is called Sophia Silver Amber Bracelet Name given By Laura Tosato the Famous Dominican Jewels Deigner

When you see this amber Bracelet the very first time, inmediatly you feel the atactive of it's beauty.



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