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Amber Dragonfly Earrings


Small Dorato Amber Dragonfly Earrings /Earrings for girls. This beautyful Gold over Silver Earrings are jewelry made in dominican republic.

This country has the world largest deposit of real amber gemstone

Earrings made with genuine Amber stone to wear on all kinds of occasions, they are handmade by our artisans with the care that a precious stone like this must be treated.
Dragonfly Earrings in Amber.
Its elaboration and carving has been carefully carried out by our experts since it has the guarantee that our store gives you for its experience in the extraction, handling and carving of genuine gems.
These earrings are special to simply look attractive in your day to day and feel that you are consistent in every moment of your activities.

This dragonfly design gives a special touch, where you can appreciate the good work done by our craftsmen.

This earrings are something well done, at first glance shows that what you are wearing is a modern and quality model. 

That stan for, when you buy an amber jewel made in this caribbean country, the amber gemstone is guaranted. 

The Domnican Republic, (Santo Domingo) Or Punta Cana, as more than one call this country, has the largest world amber deposits, that's why the best amber artisan come from this sunny island. 

Small Dorato Amber Dragonfly Earrings.

  • Piece:                              Earrings
  • Material:                       Gold Over Silver
  • Gemstone:                    Amber
  • Closure:                         Push Back
  • Measurements:          2 Cm  X 2 Cm
  • Weight Grams:           6.65
SKU: 30841

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