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Larimar Silver Necklace


Larimar Silver Necklace. Larimar Stone Necklace and Sterling silver.  Handcrafted chain come with a round Dominican stone Larimar.

This Dragongly shape is simply impressive, turn metal into art isn,t an easy job, but this handcrafted pendant is the result of experts hands, and love for nature beauty. Round Larimar stone is like the cherry on top, no a tasty one but a stunningand beautiful.

For the amazing Australia we are opening special contact to take ours larimar jewels right to your door or your courier. Australian womens love our Larimar jewelry when they visit the country.

type Larimar necklace australia or Larimar and silver and maybe we already be there for your wishes. 

Excellent combination of silver with Larimar stone, wearing this creative and avant-garde design gives us a touch of freedom.
This dragonfly silhouette necklace represents the beauty of life, nature, our freedom of expression in all our surroundings, even more so in the field of Dominican art, where our artisans reflect all their knowledge and experience in each of their creations. , which distinguishes us from others, for our designs that are always worthy of admiration for their beauty and guaranteed quality finish.
This model of dragonfly necklace is an emblem and creation of our great Laura Tosato, pride of the Dominican Republic.

Blue larimar pendant. 

This Silver Chain is beauty and comfortable. The Pendant is 925 Sterling Silver.

Pendants for a loved one.

  • Piece:                          Silver Necklace.
  • Material:                    Sterling Silver – 925
  • Gemstone:                 Larimar
  • Closure:                      Lobster Clasp
  • Measurements:       18″ Chain / 3 Cm X 3 Cm Pendant
  • Weight Grams:        4.35
SKU: 31422

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