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Sterling Silver Dragonfly pendant


Sterling Silver Dragonfly pendant. Item Name: Silueta Dragonfly. This irresistibe Gold over silver Dragonfly pendant carefully handcrafted is a super stylish mate for any golden or even silver necklace.

It is 14k dragonfly pendant.

This is a dragonfly pendant gold-tone stainless steel necklace detailed and dainty, durably crafted in sterling gold over silver. This little sterling silver dragonfly pendant is a super cute summer accessory. The chain length of the necklace is comfortable, timeless pieces that is light and distinctive and that go with everything. Excellent quality gold jewel.

This i call by our artisans, celestial Pendant

Piece:                               Pendant

Material:                         Gold Over Silver

Gemstone:                      N/A

Closure:                          N/A

Measurements:           5.5 CM W x 4.5 CM L

Weight Grams:            8.8

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