Larimar Stone Necklace


The larimar shop with more pendant neckaces.Nido Dorato Larimar Necklace. Blue Larimar Pendant. You will look like a princess with this small but great piece.

It is handcrafted but with special gemstone selected and polished specialy for this piece. You will ever remember special moments you lived while using it.

 This design was made thinking of the divine grace of nature and the miracle of life, thanks to the power of our beloved creator.
This necklace is the piece of a complete set with earrings and ring, gold nest model made in gold over silver with larimar stone setting.
This accessory belongs to one of the many creations of our beloved and valuable designer Laura Tosato, Dominican by birth, who has managed to highlight Larimar, the national stone of our republic with her talent and artistic ability, creating unique and incomparable models.
Thanks to its art, it is possible to employ many artisans in the country, with whom we carry out the work of selecting, cutting, carving, polishing and setting the stone with the care that Larimar deserves for being a valuable stone until it becomes a jewel. elegant and sophisticated.
This garment is designed for you woman, who has earned a place in society for your intelligence, your ability and above all your perseverance to achieve the place that with a lot of work and sacrifice has cost you to reach.
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Nido Dorato Larimar Necklace.

  • Piece:                                Necklace
  • Material:                           Gold Over Silver
  • Gemstone:                        Larimar
  • Closure:                             Lobster Clasp
  • Measurements:                18″ Chain / 1.5 Diameter Pendant
  • Weight Grams:                 5.08
  • Larimar Pendant

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