Larimar Stone Earrings


Larimar Stone Earrings. Design name: Nido Dorato Larimar Earrings. Gold over silver with a cute and blue larimar gemstone.

Larimar Stone or in spanish: Piedra Larimar

This are  a discreet but stylish earrings for girls. that jewel that you always in your jewelry box. Take it too for that special Mother's day gift


Jewelry stores wish and always has cute earrings but it is not to easy get this precious because blue gemstones are a rare stone and the Dominican stone larimar is one.

Larimar jewelry make beauty taking avantadge of beauty and colors.

Earrings made in gold over silver with Larimar stone inlay, nest model, where you can appreciate the beauty of the stone and the delicate work of the artisans where you can see in each creation the love, passion and years of experience they have. the people in charge of making each one of our delicate pieces. In our jewelry we want to offer our customers the best, providing them with the guarantee and security they need to make their purchases safely and reliably, which is why is one of the most reliable online jewelry stores on the web.
Don't hesitate and buy that missing piece of jewelry, that piece of jewelry you always wanted to have, or that accessory you fell in love with at first sight.

Nido Dorato Larimar Earrings

  • Piece:                                Earrings
  • Material:                          Gold Over Silver
  • Gemstone:                        Larimar
  • Closure:                             Push Back
  • Measurements:             1.5 Cm Diameter
  • Weight Grams:              6.80

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