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Larimar Stone Earrings


Larimar  and Gold over silver Earrings. Mini Square Dorato Larimar Earrings.

Earring set with Blue gemstone from Dominican Republic

Jewels are women's accesories

This small simple Earrings become in a Great accessory when you use it. Cute earrings don't need to be large.

Genuine Larimar stone. Hight quality Gold over sterling silver.

Small creation of our collection of earrings, we have one for each type of occasion, we offer you a wide range of earrings so you can choose what to wear and when to wear, one that fits your needs and your personality.
This design that we present to you is one of the most subtle due to its size and shape, a small and simple square made in gold over silver with Larimar stone, a classic piece that you cannot miss in your personal jewelry box because it will be that key accessory that It will get you out of trouble and save your moment, without a doubt you can not stop acquiring it to be part of your personal collection.
This beautiful earring will become one of your favorites for being very combinable and elegant, what's more, so as not to take it off, you can use it together with other dangling earrings and this one will reinforce the others since there are ladies who usually have several piercings in their ears. and this piece is accurate for this type of style.
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Name:                           Mini Square Dorato Larimar Earrings

Piece:                              Earrings

Material:                      Gold Over Silver

Gemstone:                   Larimar

Closure:                         Push Back

Measurements:          0.5 cm W X 0.5 cm L

Weight Grams:            2.04

SKU: 35057



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