Mother of Pearl Ring


Mother of Pearl Ring. Amber Gold Over Silver Ring. Ring for women. 

This gold over silver jewel has a beautyful  amber stone set on a nascar frame.

Gold Over Silver also is called: Gold Vermeil, Gold over sterling Silver and others variations. Then this ring frequently is named, Gold Vermeil- ring for women.

This Amber Gold Over Silver ring is adjustable.  It fit to every one and every fingers. then use it at the finger you like the more.

Amber and mother of pearl ring Is a unique jewel made by Experts Mother of Pearl artisans

This amber ring weigth is 26 gr. so it is a light weght ring.

It is very atractive and provoques special atention due to it's stylish aspect and design.

Done with selected Dominican stone and decorated with Mother pearl.

 You can't overlook it's shape,  the amber stone size and beauty with mother pearl around it gives the final touch.

This gorgeous design by Laura Tosato is jewel that goes with stylish wherever you go.

Use whenever you want to look elegant, and beauty it enhances your hands look.

This amber and mother pearl ring, like all of our jewels comes with a authenticity certificate.

A guaranty certificate is given for this amber ring too.

Amber stone jewelry in dominican is big and national busyness. That is due to his amber production and the tourist shops.

Dominica amber colors are the principal feature of our amber. The colors go from a honey dark to a clear one.

Those colors make this gemstone suitable for creativity and absorted desigs.

The amber and gold over siver ring is one of the best seller among rings in Dominican Republic.

gold ring with amber stone

Name: Medium Dorato Mother Pearl And Amber Luz Ring.


  • Piece:                          Ring
  • Material:                     Gold Over Silver
  • Gemstone:                  Mother Pearl / Amber
  • Closure:                       Adjustable
  • Measurements:          Adjustable / 3.5 Cm Diameter Top
  • Weight Grams:           25.59





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