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Amber Dragonfly Necklace


Amber Dragonfly Necklace. made with authentic amber resin stone from The Dominican Republic .                         Dragonfly Chain in Amber. The amber dragonfly necklace is a best seller in our online store.

This chain is made of Amber which is a semi-precious stone that is only found in Europe; Mexico and the Dominican Republic being our source the resin of the HYmenaea tree.
We take care to select the best pieces for the elaboration of our amber Dragonfly necklace and to be able to give our clients the best quality in materials and truly innovative designs, so that whoever wears it feels that he is a true representative of our brand and has the security that he that you are wearing does not compare to other accessories that are commonly found out there.
By carving and giving it the shape of a Dragonfly, we came up with the idea of combining it with a gold on silver chain that gives the creation greater value and elegance so that it becomes part of the precious jewels that you have in your personal jewelry box.

 This amber necklace real stone or as many say: amber necklacewill become your next favorite accessory to add to your jewelry box.

ladies Necklaces amber stone are very demanded in jewelry and amber stores. 

Amber is a solidified resin that falls from trees.

Dominican artisans have specialized in the polishing and crafting of this vibrant gemstone.

Thanks to Amber Stone bright and warm colors it has also received the name of "sun stone".

As a beief, amber stone meaning cleansing and renewing.

Amber stone jewelry is a country brand. You will find here the largest jewelry and amber shops.

Laura Tosato is a professional jewelry designer with more than two decades of experience who has been able to Portray amber gemstones in a beautiful and simple way with her jewels designs.

This necklace will adorn your neck and  help you embrace that unique look you are looking for.

To ensure that you are being delivered an authentic stone, you will be given a certificate that ensures the authenticity of the stone and a warranty.

There are very few places in The Dominican Republic, where you can get such a genuine stone and have them displayed in such fine jewelry designs.

What's better than to give that person you care for a stone that symbolizes courage and bravery?.

The best for larimar shop online

Medium Dorato Amber Dragonfly Necklace

Ladies Pendant Necklace. Body Jewelry.

  • Piece:                           Necklace
  • Material:                    Gold Over Silver
  • Gemstone:                 Amber
  • Closure:                      Lobster Clasp
  • Measurements:       18″ Chain / 3 Cm X 3 Cm Pendant
  • Weight Grams:        10.67
SKU: 30812

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