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Luz Small Gold Vermeil Necklace


Luz Small Gold Vermeil Necklace

Small Dorato Mother Pearl, Cow Horn And Larimar Luz

This chain is quite a jewel, interesting because it has a mixture of materials. Among them we have, gold-plated sterling silver, to be set in a combination of stones such as Larimar, cow horn and pearls that are also classified as precious stones.

The combination of these three materials in a necklace serves as an amulet for those who wear it, protecting them from the evil eye, through the horn of the cow, also the white pearl is associated with loyalty, generosity, purity and elegance, and the last combination that is the Larimar stone infuses us with peace, love and serenity.

It is incredible how these stones can influence our lives giving us strength, energy and many positive properties that we are unaware of.

That is why our store is special for you, because not only can you buy the jewel you are looking for, but you can also find out about the entire history and properties of our stones and materials that we use to make them.

Enter our page and you will be able to learn everything you need to know or that you never imagined, about our precious stones.


  • Piece:                            Necklace
  • Material:                     Gold Over Silver
  • Gemstone:                  Mother Pearl / Cow Horn / Larimar
  • Closure:                        Lobster Clasp
  • Measurements:        18″ Chain / 2.5 Cm Diameter Pendant
  • Weight Grams:          12.76
SKU: 30710

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