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Larimar Dragonfly Pendant Necklace


Gold over silver Necklace with a larimar dragonfly pendant. It is not to difficile to look like a queen with this Gold over sterling silver chain.

It will go deep in your soul, this is not a common jewel because of the beauty and the healing properties of larimar stone. 

A dragonfly in amber, from our pendant catalog means pure energy and healing  vibra, that's because Dragonfly meaning is pure : amber means healing and energy.

This necklace come with a big larimar stone from dominican republic and it is just the siluet of a dragonfly.

It's design is simple but elegant it fit perfectly with many outfits and beauty accesories for women.

Gold Necklace (Gold 18 over silver) suit to the pendant giving a very refined touch to your outfit.

Done for special ocasions but suitabe too for informal and outdoor moments.

The gold necklace for women has been a lider among the women jewels, it always become the atention center in womens ornaments.

Larimar Dragonfly pendant Necklace will be the focus and the lider of your accesories once you wear it.

A necklace made in gold over silver with a dragonfly pendant carved in Larimar stone, this blue colored pectolite is only found in the Dominican Republic, near the Caribbean Sea the only place in the world.
This stone is ideal for finding your soul mate. It facilitates the resolution of past problems.
It also has physical healing properties to treat respiratory conditions, that is, it dissolves blockages in the nose, head, neck and chest. If you suffer from joint pain you can place it on them.
That is why Laura Tosato did not hesitate to create a necklace that not only serves to extol your beauty but also to provide solutions to the physical problems that afflict you.


Big Larimar Dragonfly Necklace

Piece:                                    Necklace

Material:                             Gold Over Silver

Gemstone:                         Larimar

Closure:                                N/A

Measurements:                 17″ Chain / 5 Cm X 4 Cm Pendant

Weight Grams:                 23.15

SKU: 35328





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