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Larimar Ring


Larimar Stone Ring - Sterling Silver. Adjustable size. Gancho Silver Larimar Ring. 

Dominican Larimar ring is the best ring with larimar stone given tha the only and genuine larimar comes from Rep. Dom. 

Women's Gemstones Ring has been always the ladies favorites. The rings are the best seller among jewels and women's accessories. You will love this cute one                                    Ring from the Laura Tosato collection, worked with the precious metal called silver, a metal that is very ductile and malleable and has a metallic white shine.

At ambarylarimar we work with 9.25 sterling silver due to its degree of purity, being a material of excellent quality for the production of our jewelry.

This ring made of silver has a Larimar stone setting that gives an anatomical jewel as a final product because it can be adjusted as required.

You can buy one of these copies for a surprise gift to that special person without fear of making a mistake, because it will fit like a glove.


If you visit La Romana or Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Type Larimar rings near me or just rings near me and you will land at the best Larimar Jewelry 

Larimar rings are the specialty of Dominican Larimar Jewelry.

Piece: ring.   Material:  erling Silver – 925. Gemstone: Larimar. Closure:                       Adjustable

Measurements:        Adjustable / 1 Cm Diameter Top. Weight Grams:         3.62

SKU: 33180

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