Larimar Stone Bracelet


Gold over silver Bracelet fine decorated with beautyful Dominican Larimar stones, Both, the bracelet frame and the stones are carefully selected for this jewel, the stones are a genuine part of the caribean heart where Larimar gemstone is found.

Larimar is the Dominican Republic Stone. The raw larimar is found only at Dom. Rep. and This is a Dominican authentic Larimar Stone Bracelet. The best warranty for you.

We garante this Larimar bracelet and  gemstone with a authentic certificate.

we also give you a guarante tag for the gold over silver frame. You will be sure of wear an exclusive and complete jewel from the unique island where larimar is found.

Adicionaly the jeweler and designer are native expert on jewelry and feel proud of each handcrafted jewel which they call beauty art from the exotic and paradisiac Dominican Republic.

Elegant accesory for your jewel box but amazing touch for your outfit.

It is a apreciated gift for mother, daughter, brides, and any special woman beloved for a man or even family who wants to make a special gift for some special, elegant woman.

 It is a jewel designed to stand out among all and be the protagonist of the moment.
Made in gold over silver with carefully selected stones set to be carved in the shape of a cross and placed in this bracelet that represents in Christianity the victory of Christ over death and sin, rescuing humanity, dying on it and defeating the death on itself preventing humanity from being condemned.
It is a symbol that as Christians we have consideration and respect for what it represents for each one of us. Beautiful genuine Larimar jewel not only for its elaboration with a precious stone but for what it means.
You can wear it at all times, either as an accessory or an amulet for good luck and triumph in any situation.

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