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Amber Ring


Amber Ring made with authentic amber resin stone from The Dominican Republic.

Ring size is not a problem since this is an adjustable ring. 

Amber stone ring and Silver Ring complete the description of this jewel.

These are simple but class rings. The amber Round Stone look so classic on it.

Rings for women 

Amber stone beautiful surprise of nature, which surprises us with its brightness and color making us notice its elegance and quality through its reflections.
This stone was designed to be used in a precious ring that, when worn on your hand, arouses the curiosity of all those who notice its brightness and beauty, whether they are connoisseurs of Gems, or those who have never seen it.
This precious specimen has been set in silver seeking to show its maximum beauty and guarantee the perpetuity of the jewel.
That is why a distinguished lady cannot fail to purchase an amber ring for her collection.

One of the amber stone meaning is that it represents courage and bravery and what is a better gift to give a person you love a stone that  will remind them of their courage?.

Laura Tosato has dedicated decades into making amber stone jewelry amongst other jewelry accessories. This ring is a perfect choice if you are looking to give your ring finger some love, while also feeling encouraged by the amber stone. To ensure that you are being delivered an authentic stone, you will be given a certificate stating the stone authenticity and a warranty. Thanks to it's vibrant color the amber stone is also known as the "sun stone". The Dominican Republic takes great pride when it comes to the handcrafting of jewelry of their two most sought after stones, larimar, and amber. This is a great piece that can't be missing from your jewelry box.

Gancho Silver Amber Ring


30 in stock

Piece:                             The Ring

Material:                       Sterling Silver – 925

Gemstone:                    Amber

Closure:                          Adjustable

Measurements:          Adjustable / 1 Cm Diameter Top

Weight Grams:  2.779999999

Wholesale:  24


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