Larimar Gold over Silver Small Necklace


Larimar Stone Necklace, Gold over silver Necklace. The pendant is a two in one blue Larimar stone jewels,  The pendant turn in a cute ring so do it your way. Take off the gold over silver pendants and shift in a beautyful Larimar Ring.

It awlays will be close to your heart no just because both are near in your chest but you always love and remember this singular piece of Domican republic Jewelry brough direct from larimar facts.

this reversible ring is a Beautyful design itself.

Women's accessories has took advantadge of rare Gemstones.

The Gemstones always enhance a precious metal beauty.

 A totally innovative versatile necklace to be worn at different times and situations.
Made of gold over silver with a design that also becomes a ring and nobody will notice, it has a beautiful Larimar stone from the Caribbean islands, the only place in the world where we can find this precious stone, the national symbol of the Dominican Republic.
This Gem wherever you see it will catch your attention for its turquoise blue color and its great beauty. This jewel gives you the opportunity to have several options in one piece to show it off and enjoy it wherever you go.




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