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Larimar Stone Necklace


Larimar Stone Necklace - Sterling Silver Necklace. Jewels and Gemstone are perfect for Women's                                                                                                     The Larimar stone is a spiritual stone, however healing properties are attributed to it because it has a connection especially with the throat, which is why it is recommended to wear a Larimar necklace when you feel problems in that area or the chest, because this stone helps you positively to heal throat problems and to dissolve blockages in the chest.
It is for this and other reasons that they named it the National Stone of the Dominican Republic.
This gem is a symbol of the identity and cultural heritage of the nation.

 Emblematic symbol necklace and personal seal of the Laura Tosato collection, a dragonfly carefully carved in a Larimar stone to be taken wherever you want with it.
Made in gold over silver with fine finishes so that you can wear a piece from our collection with pride, since Larimar is a stone protected by an entire country and is a national symbol of our Dominican Republic due to its color, its beauty and its properties that it has with the mind and the body, especially with the throat area to be more precise.

Here is a Silver Necklace with Blue Stone

Blue Stone Necklace. /Silver Necklace.

Small Larimar Dragonfly Necklace

Piece:                                  Necklace

Material:                           Gold Over Silver

Gemstone:                      Larimar

Closure:                             N/A

Measurements:              17″ Chain / 2 Cm X 1.5 Cm Pendant

Weight Grams:               5.9


SKU: 35330

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