Dominican Republic is a paradisiac islan, right in the middle of the caribbean. It's exuberant beauty attracts millions of visitors. The beautyful beaches, the brilliant sun, the caribbean highest mountains, it's climate, the super friendly and hospitable people, It's history, and many natural products, among a lot of other attractions like it's music, artist and way more.

Republica Dominicana; in English: Dominican Republic, is where world best cigars come from.

Tobacco and Cigars, like Amber and Larimar are national products. Those natural products are a country pride because their quality and beauty., a company dedicated to cigars sales and distribution is pioner distributor at the caribbean and other regions, and is the best by far at that.

Their online store,; The Distribution center and Physical shop. at La Estancia, La Romana, turn them in a full option for you buy cigars at the best world prices, because born and is located in the country of  world's most famous cigars and tobacco; Republica Dominicana. 

The location at la estancia is very close to Punta cana (35 minutes away) wich is a place you most visit. Been there ask people for Cigar Country or for the largest cigars store in La romana  and without a doubt  they will adress you to  the caribbean's biggest  and one of the top larger in the world: Cigarcountry by Vega fina

Buy yours cigar there and take to your dear and beloved friends and family.

And if you want to take them, literaly a little beat of the caribbean. La Republica Dominicana is the only one place on earth where Larimar is found; GIFT THEM a Larimar Necklace or a ring or any other of the beautiful designs made wiht a small part of our country.

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Dominican Republis is:

The happiest country!