Laura Tosato

 Laura Tosato

 Dominican Italian Jewels Designer since 2004 is real jewery artist, she blend all together, Pasion, love, creativity and Dominican Gemstones like Larimar and amber stones.

More than 20 years in this jewelry art, without a doubt, is the most important and prolific amber and Larimar jewels designer.

For sure you have seen one of her desings like: Dragonfly in amber or all her larimar stone jewelry.

Laura Tosato jewelry collection blend her good taste wiht love for Dominican Republic. The use of Larimar, National Stone In Dom. Rep. and Amber Stone, which this country has the largest Deposit on earth, Show us How she Loves this Island.

Has Designed way more than 20 collections and gathered the best Dominican Artisans in amber and Larimar Jewelry.

The Laura tosato Jewelry is represent by a Dragonfly image. All her designs and collections must be identified by it. She identify with the attributes of  Dragonfly.

This beautyful and smart lady use to give 100% of herself in everything she does. She call this actitud: Her law.

All in one: Smart, busyness woman, polite. No confuse; is very hardworking and a refined jewels designer and a Beautyful woman.

Who can ask for more: As Dominican we feel proud of have her desings wich we love and feel sure to be selling the best of the best of amber and larimar Dominican Jewelry.

This woman represent proudly the Dominican Republic Jewelry

Laura Tosato is: The best of the best.

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Dominican Republic is:

The Larimar country and the Happiest place on earth.