Larimar Discovery

Larimar Discovery.


Where is larimar stone from?:

Where is Larimar From is common question people ask, here is the answwer: Larimar is from Dominican Republic.

Spanish (Significado de la piedra larimar) the stone that harmonizes the soul and mind.

Larimar, rare and exotic variety of blue pectolite that began to form 100 million years ago when the Caribbean islands were formed by tectonic movements and volcanic eruptions. In the province of Barahona Dominican Republic is the exact location.
The story goes that Miguel Domingo Fuertes Lorén, who was then the parish priest of the church of Barahona in 1916, was the first to discover the blue rock, however his impulse was not until 1974 when a distinguished and beautiful lady brought a piece to an artisan Gemstone  jewelery named Miguel Méndez to make a bracelet, to whom we owe his current name by joining the name of his daughter called Larissa and the word sea where the stone was found, that is how he formed the word Lari-sea .
Captivated by the exotic beauty of this stone, he undertook his search, finding the source and origin of these rocks, which was nothing less than a mine in the place where the priest Miguel Domingo had found it in 1916, called Los chupaderos.
This gem is a symbol of the identity and cultural heritage of the nation, which is why it was declared the national stone of the Dominican Republic in 2011 with Law No. 296 of November 4.
The quality of this stone depends on its turquoise blue color, which perfectly reflects the waters of the Caribbean Sea with small white swirls.
Spiritual properties are attributed to it, as a consequence it is said that it has the ability to instill serenity, love and peace in each of its bearers, also providing benefits to harmonize the heart and mind, providing joy and strength.
Promotes communication and expression.
It is especially positive with the alignment with the chakras which are energy centers in your body specifically to heal throat problems and to dissolve blockages in the chest.
This exemplar of nature allows women to readjust their femininity and connect with nature helping to invoke the goddess within her by uplifting her self-esteem and life purpose.
This amazing semi-precious stone really does look like a summer sky speckled with fine cloud formations.